woensdag 30 september 2015

chappie rview

I think this is a movie that alot of people weren´t really excited about because they thought it would be the same movie like district 9 and that kind of movies. Just because most movies are centered in South Africa and they both are about robots they could not have been more different.

I found this film actually have much better story line. Normally when famous artists in films. they may not be as good acting or not they fit with the storyline. With die antwoord wasn´t it like that. 

The story is about the fact that there are robots in society that are used by the police. they should make sure that there is less crime. what happened. the creator of the robots has invented something new that he can ensure that robots are like babies. You can teach them things and creating a mindset in the robots. what seems like a good idea, it is not that bosses find it a stupid idea. Therefore, the creator itself going to do it with a defected robot.

When he has the kind of robot stolen from the police, he is kidnapped by die antwoord. therefore they must robot in their raise. because they are criminal the creator doesn´t agree with it.

Personally I really like it that they raise the robot. because of that the movie doen´t become one of thos typical robot movies. Instead, you get a robot that is the typical gangster. with the walk, the way of talking and even the necklaces.

this is such a film you should not take it seriously. but should see a few friends and then say with chappie certain things.
this is definitely a movie that I recommend to others.

zaterdag 5 september 2015

How to get away with murder

You may have heard of this TV series where law students still learn something other than the law. I'm talking about How to get away with Muder. It is a series that I have not long ago discovered and I love it.I have looked in two days. If you start to have to look down the plain. The entire episodes by you get strange turn. not only at the end of a delivery, such as in many TV series.
How to get away with murder is about five law students who are taught by a well-known lawyer. They have been with them five of the best in the class, making them for her and her team come to work. There, they notice when they have to solve cases that it's not all that goes like their thought. this series she played not only on today and in the future where they must use the things they have learned to get away with murder. because the times through each run, the series does not get those parts were nothing interesting happens.

this TV show will recommend to anyone who loves crime series. Because it is not the verage crime serie. you still want to solve the case but not from the police perspective but from the lawyer point of view.
lucky enough we don´t have to wait long for the new season because it will be aired on 24th of september. 
Can´t wait!!!

zondag 30 augustus 2015

cinema and kersvers

So a couple of days ago I decided that it would be fun to go to the cinema for my birthday. I decided to go with two of my closed friends to the movie pixels. which was a good movie to watch with friends.

Later that day we decided that we would go to kersvers. that is a party my school had for all the first years. when we goot there nobody was there so we went to the city centre of Amsterdam. I went to Waterlooplein where I got this cute shiba shirt.

after that we went to the shopping district. where I found out that there is a Waterstone shop in Amsterdam. In the shop I found the book of Joey Graceffa. Which i wanted for a verry long time.

review coming soon

Because i was now alot later we went back to kersvers to look if it finally started. lucky enough now there were people and some friends. So we did some games. were i won a parrot.

you also could get free nachos and ice cream. which made the day so much better. And later there was also free pizza. altough we kind of had to walk away quicky from those people becaue you only could have it if you joined a talking game thing.

zondag 23 augustus 2015

Sail (2015)

Sorry for my derpy face my mom took forever to take this picture.

donderdag 20 augustus 2015

eighteenth birthday

Today is my eighteenth birthday. Now I'm typing is the family gone and I received the most gifts. Not that I find that very annoying. On the contrary. I do not like to spend so much time with my family. (mainly because I'm the outsider of the family) Gifts are not really my favorites things of birthdays. Everyone who keeps staring at you when you unpack it and then if thou art a klutz like me then it just takes a long time. but really long. And then as the gift it is or not. You have to react very happy. I am therefore really super bad at it.
Lucky enough i didn;t get that many gifts and the one i got where exactly kinda nice. So i could be worse. 

Tell me about your latest birthday. 
Did you liked it???
Do you also get weird gifts?